Tips for Using Hokkuu Luxury Green Tea Mud Mask

Here are some tips to get the best experience possible out of this luxury spa skin care product. You'll note they are as much mental and spiritual as physical. I truly believe beauty starts from the inside, by taking time to experience peace and joy.

  1. It helps to use a gentle face cleanser first, to remove surface oil and dirt. Many customers prefer to use the mud mask right after a shower, when the skin surface is clean, and pores are opened up. This allows the mud mask to penetrate the surface layer of epidermis.
  2. After washing or showering, you can leave your face slightly damp to make application of the mud mask easier.
  3. Apply generously and rub gently to apply the mud mask to your face. Let the mask dry for approximately 10 minutes. During that time, it will be doing its job of purifying and rebalancing your skin. Use the time to practice mindfulness. If you can't keep your mind still, then try composing a haiku poem to put yourself in a relaxed and pampered state of mind. If all else fails, just spend 10 minutes listing people and things who are blessings in your life.
  4. Once dry, use a thick, damp cotton cloth to gently remove the mask. If you prefer a modern microfiber towel, that's fine too. Gentle circular motions will remove the mask, massage your skin and give a final exfoliating experience.
  5. A final rinse to remove any remaining particles will leave your face cleansed, toned, balanced and reconditioned. Savor the feeling. Think of one last thing in your life that you are thankful for, and take that feeling with you as you finish your spa moment.
  6. As with any skincare product, you should test on a patch of skin on your arm first, before using on your face, and discontinue use if you notice any redness or irritation. Also as with all mud masks, this product can discolor cloth. We recommend you set a wash towel aside for use with this mask and clean it regularly in a separate load.

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