Special Gift From Hokkuu!

Thanks again for being one of our valued Hokkuu customers!

We’re looking for a few select customers to send us a short video testimonial we can use. You can help us spread the word as we continue to introduce our great new product. Of course, there’s something in it for you, so keep reading.

Here’s all you need to do: record a short (less than 1 minute), honest testimonial of how you like Hokkuu’s Green Tea Volcanic Mud Mask. You can do it while wearing the mask or just holding the product. Tell us how you use it, and how it makes your skin look and feel. You can record it right on your phone or using your computer’s camera. 

We’d love it if you use your own words, but if you’re stumped about what to say, here’s an example:

 “Hi, I’m [your first name] from [your city]! I bought the Hokkuu Green Tea Asian Mud Mask, and I [love it/absolutely adore it/am addicted to it!/etc.]. I use it [in the morning/after showering/twice a week/etc.] and it makes my skin look and feel [fill in the blank ?]. I’ve told all my friends about it! Thanks Hokkuu!

Then, just upload the video here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/pHv10HIZw1wk1dgujbvi

Once you’ve uploaded the video, we have a great gift for you: YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY SINGLE ITEM from our store! You can choose another jar of mud mask, a professional makeup brush set, something from our exclusive Certified Organic skincare line, or even one of our accessories, like the World’s Best Yoga Towel, or a luxurious cork leather wallet. Check it all out at www.hokkuu.com/collections.

Once you’ve upload your video, send us an email at video@hokkuu.com, and tell us which product you want. Make sure to include your name and shipping address. We’ll even pay shipping!

 Now the legalese:  

  1. You must be 18 or over, and a resident of the United States.
  2. Don’t include any music or products, brands, logos, etc. belonging to other people (even in the background). They may be copyrighted.
  3. By uploading a video (the “Work”), you grant A.A. Fairchild Ltd. Co., its officers, employees, owners, sublicensees, or assigns (collectively, “Hokkuu”)  a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, assignable, royalty-free license to edit, publish, reproduce, distribute, display, perform, create derivative works, transmit or disseminate the Work in all media or platforms whether now known or hereafter invented. You also waive any and all moral rights in the Work with respect to any use by Hokkuu. Hokkuu and its designees shall have the perpetual, worldwide right to publish and use the Work in any way, and in any media for trade, advertising, promotional, and/or other purposes without further consideration to you or any third party.
  4. That means we could draw a curly mustache on you. We probably won’t, though. That would look silly.
  5. We will identify you as an actual customer who has received consideration for the testimonial.

Any questions? Let us know! 

Thanks again for being a great customer. Hope you’ll send us a great video testimonial!